How to lose arm fat fast – 5 keys to rid arm fat

This post will teach how to lose arm fat fast and if you are tired of not looking the way you want to, if you always feel embarrassed when people look at your arms, this article will be your perfect guide to rid arm fat, achieving skinny arms and boost your metabolism! Watch my video below to learn How to lose 1 inch from arms in a month

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Because you are looking for help online, you are already in the 20% of women who have chances of getting rid of arm fat and lose weight.

But just by reading it, things won’t change… It’s all about how bad you want it! If you lose 20 pounds and 1 inch of your arms in the next 3 weeks, will you be able to enjoy life more? Would it be worth the effort?

Before you learn how to lose arm fat fast, you need to understand why this ugly fat accumulates on your arms.

If you haven’t lost almost any weight and your arms are still big, even though you are working hard, it’s because your metabolism became really slow, mostly because your body is overwhelmed with toxins…That’s why you are always tired and the calories you eat, instead of transforming into energy, are transformed directly into fat cells, and even though at most women are stored mostly to their bellies, butt and thighs, in your case, goes straight to your arms!

And if you are wandering why does it all go to your arms, is because you’re genetically programed for arm fat . In many situations, even women that eat very healthy and exercise a lot, have arm fat. Why? If your liver gets older and slows down your metabolism, that’s what usually happens!

But the good news is that knowing these 5 critical keys you can win over those bad genetics and get rid of your arm fat in weeks!

How to lose arm fat fast – 5 keys to rid arm fat

1. It is impossible to lose arm fat and keep it off by starving yourself!

starvation-diet-smallThe first three letters of “DIET,” spell…”DIE.” That is what happens to your metabolism as you yo-yo on and off the many popular diet plans. 

Here’s why: When you drastically cut calories, your body goes into starvation mode. Your metabolism slows to a snail’s pace because it anticipates a period of famine, and it is trying to conserve. This natural response makes it difficult to lose the fat you desire. To compound this problem, your body then dumps the most energetically expensive tissue muscle! So you end up losing muscle and storing fat, the complete opposite of what you need to do to lose arm fat. Most often, starving leads to flabby arms….

If you want to lose arm fat fast, your body needs a lot of nutrients and vitamins in order to function properly, and when you don’t eat your body doesn’t get them… That’s why a lot of people get sick when they do this…

2. Risky and expensive “diet pills”, “creams” or “surgeries” can only reduce your bank account and don’t help to rid arm fat.

diet pillsThere are many consumer reports about people who got into  serious health problems because of diet pills or surgeries . Stay away from these as the FDA reports show people who’s health have been compromised for life because of them.

The only thing diet pills do is suppress your hunger. They are filled with so many chemicals that harm your body.

Since arm fat is under your skin, how can a cream help getting rid of it? Impossible!

And even though you have removed your arm fat with surgery or liposuction, your body will start to deposit fats on your arms all over again if you haven’ fix your metabolism.

3. You can’t lose just the fat from your arms and you are not stuck with your arm fat forever!

how to lose arm fat fastThese two ridiculous myths are often passed around by ‘neighborhood know-it-alls’ – and many people actually believe these 2 myths – especially if they haven’t found the right way to lose arm fat and keep it off.

Saying that you want to get rid just of the fat from your arms is like saying that you want the left lung to give you more air than the right one…. It is impossible! But with the right exercises you can accelerate your weight loss and rid arm fat.

If you’re wandering if you’re stuck with it forever, the answer is NO! It is common to see a mother and daughter, both with big arms, BUT this doesn’t mean that their problem is genetic – it simply means both women have not found a way to lose arm fat and to have a balanced lifestyle, and that both are doing the same mistakes in the battle with the  pounds.

4. You can lose arm fat and create the body you have always desired, regardless of your age or your present condition.

No matter of your present condition, if you change your life style and habits (about your diet and exercise routine), long term the results will be outstanding. Your body will always try to be in balance, and that’s why no matter of your age, by doing the right actions, you can completely change your body in just a few months.

5. The only proven way to lose arm fat is through Boosting Female Metabolism so that the body burn more fat from arms even when they eat bad foods, special exercises that were designed to make your arms burn fat 2-3 days after you do them and by following a special diet designed for women.

how to lose arm fat fast workoutsThis is the way to do it: starting with eating only the right foods which burn fats and boost metabolism (and avoiding the ones that make you fat) and with special arm exercises; they can be done by any woman at home or at the gym.

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rid arn fat by eating the right foodsThe foods that burn fat are proteins and fibers containing complex carbohydrates. In the video below you will learn the foods that simply melt away arm fat!

Exercises are very important, because if you want to lose arm fat fast, first you need to develop muscles on your arms. While muscles give us the metabolic ability to burn calories every time we move, their real advantage is that they constantly feed on calories, even when you are relaxing or watching TV.

Fact: Every pound of muscle burns 40 to 120 calories a day just to sustain itself.

Fact: Every pound of fat feeds on only one to three calories per day.

So, the good news is that if you want to lose arm fat fast, you can do it!

But the most important part: you need to actually take action; watching some videos or reading a book, won’t make a difference.

And if you don’t start now, it will be even more difficult in the future, and there will be a lot of mornings when you will wake up unhappy of the way you look. So, at least make a plan Today!

If this article gave you a few ideas on how to rid arm fat, and you enjoyed it, please leave your comments below and share this video

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